CARE Post Enrollment/Recertification Verification

You may be selected for income verification after your enrollment/recertification in the CARE program. If selected, a letter will be mailed to you requesting income documents for every household member. Failure to provide required documents by the date specified in the letter will result in removal of the CARE discount from your account. Mail the required documents to:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
CARE Program
P. O. Box 7979
San Francisco, CA 94120-7979

Or fax to: 1-877-302-7563. Please provide your PG&E account number and the number of people living in your household on the fax sheet together with the required documents.

If you are no longer eligible to receive the CARE discount or you would like to request a new verification letter mailed to you, please call the CARE program Verification Hotline at 1-866-743-5832 or email

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Required Income Document Guide

The chart below contains examples of required income documents. You must send documentation for ALL types of income that apply to your household. You can also send (in place of the documents below) a complete copy of your latest federal income tax return, as long as it includes all sources of your household income.

Note: For your protection, please black out Social Security and/or bank account numbers on all copies.

If you participate or receive income from:You can send us a copy of:
Wages, Salaries and CommissionsTwo Consecutive Check Stubs
Pensions, Social Security, SSP, SSDI, Disability Payments, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Benefits, VA Benefits, Foster Care PaymentsAward Letters, Check Stubs, Bank Statements (to show direct deposit)
Medicaid/Medi-Cal, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), CalFresh/SNAP (Food Stamps), LIHEAP, WIC, Healthy Families A & B, CalWORKs (TANF), Tribal TANF, National School Lunch Program (NSLP), Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Head Start Income Eligible (Tribal Only)Award Letters, letter of participation in the program
School Grants, Scholarships, or Other AidAward Letters, Statements
Insurance and/or Legal SettlementsSettlement document
Child and/or Spousal SupportCourt Documents, Letters, Check Stubs
Farm IncomeFirst page of IRS Form 1040
Interest and/or Dividends from: Savings, Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual FundsInvestment account statement(s), bank statement, and/or first page of IRS Form 1040
401K or IRA Withdrawals or AnnuitiesInvestment account statement(s) and/or bank statement
Capital GainsInvestment account statement(s) and/or first page of IRS Form 1040
Rental and/or Royalty IncomeFirst page of IRS Form 1040
Profit from Self-EmploymentFirst page of IRS Form 1040 AND 1040 Schedule C
Gambling/Lottery WinningsDetermined on case-by-case basis
Union Strike Fund BenefitsBenefit Payment Stubs
Cash Income (when you have not filed Federal or State taxes)Provide a signed letter detailing: the type of work, estimated monthly amount of cash payment, and employer name and phone number
Monetary Gifts, none of the examples above apply, or If you do not receive any incomeProvide a signed letter explaining the current source(s) of income used to support your household