Net Energy Metering and Tracking

The Net Energy Metering programs will be re-designed in the next couple of years, as PG&E gets closer to reaching the predetermined NEM cap. Customers who are already participating in an eligible NEM program will be allowed to continue taking service on their current program for a transition period of up to 20 years before they have to take service on the new net energy metering rates.

PG&E's Net Energy Metering programs provide customers the ability to offset the cost of electricity with their own renewable generation and current customers will automatically be allowed to continue with their current program for a transition period of up to 20 years before they have to switch on to the new NEM Program.

Here you can find more information on the Transition rules and timeline as well as track PG&E’s progress towards the net energy metering cap set by State Legislature.

Note: The transition to a new NEM program is directed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and pursuant to Assemble Bill 327.

Program Transition Details

The table below shows the latest number of customers in PG&E's service territory taking service under NEM and the combined capacity of their generating systems.

Monthly AB 327 Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program Limit Report¹

Data updated as of October 2014
Total Available MW Cap2,409 MW5% of
48,177 MW
Applications Received in October 2014
(New requests for NEM interconnection)
5,62749.4 MW
Total NEM Applications in Queue as of October 2014
(Total pending requests for NEM interconnection)
1,53413.1 MW
Cumulative NEM Installations²
(Projects approved for NEM interconnection)
141,5691,227.9 MW
NEM Installations and Applications in Queue
(Cumulative MW installed under NEM + NEM MW in Queue)
143,1031,241.0 MW2.58%
Remaining MW to Cap
(NEM Cap minus (Cumulative MW installed under NEM + NEM MW in Queue))
1,168.0 MW

¹The purpose of this report is to adhere to Public Utilities (PU) Code Section 2827(c)(4)(C), which directs each large electrical corporation to file a monthly report with the California Public Utilities Commission detailing the progress toward the NEM program limit. This report includes all systems either seeking interconnection or interconnected under the NEM program pursuant to PU Code Section 2827 (e.g., solar, wind, fuel cells using renewable fuels, etc.)

²Includes cumulative installations approved for NEM interconnection since NEM inception in 1996 (does not include systems that terminated NEM interconnection with the utility).