Pipeline Maintenance News

As of Thursday, September 18, 2014

(Any day not shown is at 100% capacity)

Redwood Path Maintenance
Dates Capacity
% of Max Maintenance Notes
September 18203395%Tionesta K-1 maintenance

September 19205896%Burney K-1 maintenance

September 202129100%Delevan K-3 maintenance

September 23 - 24205796%Tionesta K-1 maintenance

September 25196092%Delevan station maintenance

September 26208598%Burney K-2 maintenance

October 07 - 09208296%Delevan K-2 maintenance

October 14207796%Tionesta K-1 maintenance

Redwood Maximum Pipeline Capacities
January 2201 May 2142 September 2137
February 2192 June 2121 October 2160
March 2181 July 2108 November 2189
April 2162 August 2120 December 2201

Baja Path Maintenance
Dates Capacity
% of Max Maintenance Notes
September 18 - 2696584%Line 300A PLS-2 station maintenance

October 11 - 2086676%Line 300B pipeline maintenance

October 21 - 2983373%Line 300A In-Line inspection
Line 300B pipeline maintenance

October 30 - 3186676%Line 300B pipeline maintenance

November 01 - 2686676%Line 300B pipeline maintenance

Baja Maximum Pipeline Capacities
January 1107 May 1153 September 1145
February 1105 June 1145 October 1146
March 1097 July 1134 November 1089
April 1146 August 1139 December 1107

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Physical Pipeline Capacity shows daily physical capacity at the various interconnections to CGT. Pipeline Maintenance News details maintenance events on CGT's backbone transmission pipelines and the corresponding forecast capacity reductions on the Redwood and Baja paths.

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