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Ready Neighborhoods

Strengthening Disaster Preparedness for Our Most Vulnerable Communities

Natural disasters strike without regard to who they affect, but underserved neighborhoods are often less prepared and face the most daunting challenges in rebuilding. To boost disaster preparedness in the most vulnerable communities throughout our service area, PG&E and the American Red Cross introduced the Ready Neighborhoods program in 2012.

Program Overview

The Ready Neighborhoods program is a new type of Red Cross effort to prepare Californians for how to respond to a disaster, especially when first responders are overwhelmed. PG&E’s $2.5 million investment enables the Red Cross to teach community groups how to become first responders in times of emergency, identify shelter locations, and assemble and distribute emergency kits. To date, PG&E’s investment has helped train, educate or engage more than 2 million customers in California.

Through the Ready Neighborhoods program, the Red Cross works closely with local leaders, first responders and community stakeholders to:

  • Identify vulnerable neighborhoods
  • Assess readiness needs and set community-specific goals
  • Equip residents and community leaders with disaster preparedness and response skills, tools, supplies and plans
  • Foster sustainable relationships to continue the ongoing disaster readiness efforts

Public-Private Partnership

"While the fire department and our partners in the City and County may be the first responders, we know that the key to a successful emergency response and recovery in a community relies on a collaborative effort with the people, organizations and businesses of a community. In the long-term, strong public-private partnerships and community engagement will make our communities safer and more resilient to disaster."

Chief Joanne Hayes-White
San Francisco Fire Department

Helping Our Neighbors Be Prepared

PG&E, Red Cross Announce Milestone in Educating More than 700,000 Californians
The American Red Cross and PG&E announced an important milestone today (Oct. 2) in honor of National Fire Prevention Month: Training, educating or engaging more than 700,000 residents throughout Northern and Central California as part of the Ready Neighborhoods initiative.

PG&E Supports Red Cross in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara Counties
PG&E presented a $50,000 donation on Sunday (Nov. 3) to the American Red Cross to help residents of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties better prepare for disasters.

Red Cross, PG&E Celebrate Return of Team Firestopper in the Central Valley
In an effort to educate families on how to prevent home fires, officials from the American Red Cross Central Valley Region and PG&E today (Oct. 8) kicked off the return of the third season of Team Firestopper.

Be Prepared

For more information on how you, your family, workplace and community can be more prepared for an unforeseen disaster, visit the following links:

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