Your Path to Solar

While going solar is a great way to power your home or business with clean, renewable energy, there are steps you can take before and after installing your solar system that can help you improve your investment and reduce your carbon footprint – and it’s never too late to start!

  1. Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
  2. Distributed Generation including Solar
  3. Carbon Offset Programs

Energy Efficiency

PG&E offers Energy Efficiency programs that help reduce your energy costs resulting in the need for a smaller solar system and a reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions. These programs provide rebates and incentives for qualifying customers.

For more information, visit our Rebates pages.

Demand Response

Occasional storms and heat waves, as well as periodic power plant repairs and maintenance, have the potential to affect California's supply and demand for electricity. When demand is high and supply is short, power interruptions can sometimes be the result. Building enough power plants to satisfy every possible supply and demand scenario is one possibility, but the cost and environmental impact of that would be tremendous. PG&E’s Demand Response programs enlist customers to temporarily reduce their energy use during these peak periods which helps maintain energy reliability and reduces the need to use additional power plants. Temporarily reducing energy use can be as simple as shifting energy-intensive tasks to another part of the day, turning off fountains or decorative lighting or running the air conditioner a little less than usual.

For more information on PG&E’s various Demand Response programs, visit our Demand Response pages.

Go Green with Distributed Generation and Solar

PG&E encourages customers to generate their own electricity from solar, wind, and fuel cell energy. We offer a number of incentives and can provide information and advice to facilitate you generating your own electricity. Doing so can lower your energy bills, decrease your carbon footprint and increase energy security and reliability while helping California reduce harmful emissions.

For more information on how to go solar with PG&E, see our California Solar Initiative pages.

Installing energy efficiency improvements before going solar also allows you to downsize your system, saving you money. Use this worksheet (XLS, 108 KB) to determine how best to integrate energy efficiency with a potential solar electric system.