Is It Right for You?

Is Solar Water Heating Right for You?

When deciding whether a solar water heating system is the right choice for your home, the cost of the system and the location of your home are two factors that should be considered.

Is Solar Water Heating Cost-Effective?

    A solar water heating system can reduce your monthly heating bills by 50%-80%. However, the initial installation cost of a system can be substantial.

    • If you do choose to install a system, rebates are available through the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Thermal Program
    • A Federal Tax Credit may also be available on the installed cost of the system

    Does the Location of My Home Matter?

      There are a number of property-related factors that can determine whether your home is a good candidate for a solar water heating system.

      • If your property site has un-shaded areas and generally faces south, a solar water heating system should work well for you.
      • The amount of sun your site receives and how often the temperatures in your area dip below freezing will help decide the type of system that is best for you.
      • If your roof doesn’t have enough space or is the wrong pitch, you can choose to install the system on the ground, as long as it receives sunlight.

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