Use PG&E tips & tools for managing your home system

Use our tips and tools to help monitor and maintain the renewable energy generating system in your home.

Track your energy use

With your online account, you can view and manage your net energy use; that is, the difference between the energy your home uses and the energy your renewable system produces. Make your online account your go-to resource for viewing energy savings and improving your system performance. With your online account, you can:


  • View your Net Energy Metering (NEM) statement.
  • Pay your PG&E bill online.
  • View graphs of your electricity or gas use.
  • Discover more ways to save with a PG&E Home Energy Checkup. View Home Energy Checkup.


Sign in to your online account. Visit Your Account.

Maintain your system for better performance

Dirty solar panels can significantly reduce the amount of energy your home generates. Sources of dirt include dust and soot from nearby roads, bird waste and debris from rainy or dry weather conditions. Fortunately, ensuring that your solar panels are maintained properly is under your control.


Have your solar panels inspected

PG&E suggests that you have your panels inspected every one to two years, or when you notice a significant drop in performance during clear weather. Only a licensed professional solar contractor must perform system maintenance and inspections. Solar panel inspectors check for the following conditions:


  • Twigs and leaves on or underneath panels.
  • Loose screws and wires.
  • Cracked or stained panels.
  • New tree growth or other obstructions shading panels.

NOTE: If a leasing company or power purchase provider owns your system, maintenance might be included in your contract. Read your contract for specific terms and conditions.


Find out how to monitor your system more closely

Consider a professionally installed monitoring system if you want to track your solar panel performance more closely. When performance drops, the system monitors which panels aren’t working properly and identifies panels that need repair. Most professional panel monitoring systems require a monthly subscription fee.

The State of California maintains a list of authorized performance monitoring providers. View PERFORMANCE MONITORING AND REPORTING SERVICE (PMRS) PROVIDERS.


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NEM bill

Understand Your Bill

Solar customers receive detailed bills on their energy use.